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AOP Orphan Czech Republic

AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals is an innovative pharmaceutical company with focus on the research and development of rare diseases. In the Czech Republic it started in 2003 and focused its attention on areas of rare diseases in hematology, cardiology and pneumology. In 2004, Thromboreductin, a medicine for the treatment of essential trombocythemia, was launched on the Czech market, in 2005 Remodulin for the treatment of arterial pulmonary hypertension. The company was expanded with a team of specialists and became a marketing-driven company.

Other medicinal products have been launched in next years: Tetmodis for chorea with Huntington disease treatment, Esmocard in acute cardiology and intensive care, Adasuve in psychiatry, etc. Specialization in rare diseases requires closer contact with physicians, healthcare professionals and patient organizations, and allows us to respond quickly to the needs of patients and to make the ensuing R & D efforts. AOP Orphan employs a world-wide network of highly qualified partners, creating strategic alliances, but remains a medium-sized company capable of pushing forward and succeeding. The biggest effort of AOP Orphan is to make it available to patients with rare diseases a modern therapy and to find innovative solutions for them.


Veronika Chicevicova

Country manager

AOP Orphan Czech Republic was founded and is led by Veronika Chicevičová, MD,  since 2003. Veronika Chicevičová, who has been working as the Country Manager, used her experience in managerial positions primarily in Sanofi-Synthelabo and during  the fifteen years she has successfully established strong and healthy pharmaceutical company in the Czech Republic with a professional team of employees. AOP Orphan employees are highly valued for their loyalty to the company, professional attitude to work and their scope of expertise. The company originally devoted mainly to the area of hematology and cardiology, but gradually expanded its activities to other areas such as neurology, psychiatry or treatment of metabolic disorders. "We have to be more a partner than a contractor", this is the credo by Veronika Chicevičová, the aim of which is to make modern and highly specialized therapies available to patients with rare diseases, patients who need it and who are dependent on it.


Photo Veronika Chicevicova
Interview Veronika Chicevicova


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