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Adverse drug reaction report

Non Stop Service!

If you have suspection on adverse effect associated with the use of any product distributed by AOP Orphan Pharmaceuticals AG don´t hesitate to contact us: 

Phone number: + 420 251 512 947
Fax number: + 420 246 063 448
E-mail: drugsafety(at)aopoprhan.com

Every announcement containing all 4 minimial standard for announcement is considered as „valid case“:

  • Data about treated person, initials, date of birth, age and gender
  • Identification data of announcer, name, address and qualification
  • Adverse effect description
  • Name of product or active substance by which is person treated, or next data enabling identification product, dose and way of use            

AOP standard ADR report  

Pregnancy Lactation form

Your informations about security and effectiveness of our products are very important for us and we would like to thank you for it.

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